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Phone: 903-904-2077


My name is Devin Warnke. I am an energetic young man that loves helping others. My passions are computers and everything related to technology. I love all the new advancements in the world and seeing what new products can be developed from it. I currently spend a lot of my time writing code and doing various projects for myself and others. I take pride in writing high quality code and making sure everything works flawlessly. One of my lifetime goals is to write code that many users and large corporations use and have good experiences with. To work towards that goal, I am always improving on my past projects, learning new things and applying new techniques and ideas to everything I do. I am always trying new languages and improving my skills.

My Education



Associate's in IT.

2020 - 2022

3.53 GPA

At TVCC I did my required core college classes as well as any needed prerequisites for the classes I planned on taking.


UT Tyler

Bachelor's in IT.

2022 - 2024

3.33 GPA

I am here at UT Tyler to further enhance my goals in computing, with my major in Information Technology and my minor in Cybersecurity. In my time at UT Tyler, I gained knowledge on topics from SQL databases to C++ and Java.

My Portfolio


  • 6 years of Lua
  • 4 years of C#
  • 4 years of Python
  • 3 years of JS
  • 3 years of C++
  • 3 years of Java
  • 2 years of SQL
  • 1 year of HTML
  • 1 year of CSS
  • 1 year of Rust


  • C++
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Lua
  • Python
  • SQL

This Website


I developed this website entirely myself using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Python Market Bot


I used Python to develop a game market bot that uses HTTP requests to get data from the internet and displays it in an easy to read format.


Rust Market Bot


I rewrote the Python bot in Rust, to further develop my skills and gain experience in new languages.


SQL Databases


I solved problems, designed and developed SQL databases for multiple different scenarios, as well as learned proper techniques and methodologies in handling data.

My Experience



Electronics Team Lead

2019 - Present

Made sure everyone is meeting sales goals, ensuring the area is in good condition and assisted customers and employees in finding the right items.